Brooklyn Terrace Life (at Home)

at At The Beach

my tablet miraculously started to work again (at from my tablet to your eyeballs)

Watching the Fantastic Mr. Fox or watching the sunset? Hard to tell. #vscocam (at Pier 3 - Brooklyn Bridge Park)

You scream. (at DUMBO, Brooklyn)

at Greenpoint Water Front Park

summer remnants (at Pratt Towers)

👌 (at Dia: Beacon)

at solar

I wait every year for this one, perfect moment. (at Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn NY)

Breakfast with lady love (at Marietta - Brooklyn)

pizza rat

Made for a dear friend who I will be reuniting with when we are surrounded by puffins and lobster.

This is what Saturdays were meant for. (at Strong Place)

first banners, next badges